A San Antonio Float Spa worth Seeing!

san antonio float spa

This spa was built with one thing in mind, to be different.  Because that is just what floating is, it is different than what society is normally used to on a daily basis.  But that’s what Transcend is about, making sure your dreams of floating can come true.  Transcend is a San Antonio float spa that has all of the latest upgrades and amenities.   When your float is done why not stay a bit?  Have a glass of wine on our relaxing patio that overlooks the beautiful 5 Points local area.

Transcend wants to take you from your reality and put you on a destination to relaxation on all calibers.  It doesn’t just stop or start at the float.  The float will be why you come but the personal training, yoga, and amazing facility will be why you come back time and time again.  What makes this San Antonio float spa different?  Well to start this sensory deprivation tank is built proprietarily for Transcend.  You will find nothing like it anywhere else.  This ensures your float each time will be special and somewhere you can only find here.  Our experts will flawlessly guide you through the experience of floating if you are new to a float spa or sensory deprivation tank. Offering vinyasa yoga, hotha yoga, and kundalini yoga , Transcend is the only float spa around that offers yoga services.

These float tanks will revitalize you.  So be sure and book the full 90 minutes.  You will not regret it, as the people of San Antonio are already starting to say that Transcend could be the best San Antonio float spa.  There will be only way for you to confirm or deny this, and that is by stopping by today and testing everything out yourself.  One stay and you will be hooked is what we always say!


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