Best Float Spa San Antonio has to Offer!


Transcend can proudly claim that they are the best float spa San Antonio, TX has ever seen.  This state of the art facility was built as late of this MONTH.  The construction was done by experts that knew exactly what it took to build a float spa where relaxation could be amplified.  That is the great thing about a sensory deprivation spa in San Antonio that caters to your every want and wish.

Let thoughts and worries wash away as the gentle rhythm of the float rocks your existence and leads to transcendence. Floating is enjoying a renaissance after virtually disappearing for decades. Its current popularity stems in part from high-profile enthusiasts like comedian/UFC commentator Joe Rogan and some professional athletes, who tout the practice as a way to clear their minds, relieve muscle aches and temporarily unplug from the world. Floating at a float spa involves single-person tanks or pods filled with a mixture of warm water and Epsom salt, allowing for complete buoyancy. Slip into the tank, close the lid or hatch, lie down, and let your mind and body drift.

Sensory-deprivation, or isolation, tanks enjoyed niche popularity after the 1977 publication of “The Deep Self,” a book on floatation by John C. Lilly. After a lull in the 80’s and 90’s, float spas have made a roaring resurgence especially in the past five years or so.

Now, the Floatation Tank Association estimates the U.S. has more than 200 float centers. Dozens more are in the works, according to an informal industry survey taken last year by Float Tank Solutions, an Oregon company that helps people start float facilities. Following the lead of the Austin float scene, San Antonio is starting to follow suite and has seen an increase in float related businesses. Transcend being one of the first float locations in SA is the only one in the city offering services such as yoga, personal training, cold pressed juices, and Onnit supplements.

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