Float Tank Therapy

Float therapy is one of the best stress management options on the planet. The idea is to take away 93% of sensory inputs by way of water,salt, ear plugs, and no light to achieve full relaxation.

Massage Therapist

Transcend offers some of the best licensed Massage Therapists in the game. With more than 40 years of combined experience you can come in knowing you are in good hands.

Infrared Sauna

Come get your sweat on! While in the infrared for your 15min or 30min session the sauna produces rays that penetrate the skin making the molecules move to heat up your body from the inside out.


Transcend yoga is the best around. With practices from beginner to advanced you will find what you love and leave in a better place.


Leading the industry

Transcend is a one of kind one stop health/relaxation shop. With offering everything under one roof we can provide services to all walks of life. If you want to be a part of the health revolution please fill out the form below to find out how Transcend can change your life.

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