Sensory Deprivation Tank in San Antonio for Cheap

Transcend offers floats in a sensory deprivation tank in San Antonio for cheap. So if you have been looking to float but are on a certain budget look no further. I think it is important to give our potential customers a run down of exactly what sensory deprivation tanks really are and what they do. For starters it is a tank that you enter into fully nude, as to not be distracted by clothing, for a session of an hour or hour and a half. The tank has no light, no sound, and is filled with ten inches of water,one thousand pounds of Epsom salt, and the water is heated to the external skin temperature. Although there is the option for LED light and spa type music I recommend to have nothing. With having that much salt dissolved in tank, the solution is so dense that you can’t help but float on top of the water. It is more dense than the Dead Sea. The tank can activate your mental powers and even open a gateway to another universe. Some people have even experience out of body experiences and other hallucinations of that sort. The ultimate goal of the session though is maximum relaxation. The way I explain it to people is that for once there is no text messages, emails, traffic, or phone calls. It is complete nothingness.

Back in the old days, if you wanted to experience sensory deprivation you wore a blindfold or stuck your fingers in your ears like everybody else. But that all changed in 1954, when neuroscientist John C. Lilly dared to question what would happen if the mind was deprived of as much external stimulus as possible. The original tanks had people suspended in water with everything but the top of the head submerged while wearing a black out mask. Today’s tanks are a far cry from that.

So will all of that said. If you are looking for the future of sensory deprivation tank experiences then come no further than Transcend. The perfect experience on a budget.

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