Best Float Spa San Antonio has to Offer!

Transcend can proudly claim that they are the best float spa San Antonio, TX has ever seen.  This state of the art facility was built as late of this MONTH.  The construction was done by experts that knew exactly what it took to build a float spa where relaxation could…

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Massage Therapy Located in San Antonio Tx

Transcend does more than just give you a relaxing float, they also make sure that this float doesn’t go to waste by massaging your muscles as well.  Massage therapy located in San Antonio Tx is more than just convenient, it is ideal.  No one does this better than Transcend SA…

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Yoga in the 5 Points Area

Transcend conveniently located in the 5 points area of San Antonio,TX is one of the only float spas around that offers yoga sessions. Yoga is not just about working out, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. The practice of yoga allows students to find stillness in a world consumed with chaos. Peace…

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