Float tanks: The remedy to Magnesium deficiency

We have all been told for years about the wonderful benefits of Epsom Salt. Like it helps with relieving joint pain but most people never really went more in depth than that. A vast majority of humans today are very deficient of Magnesium which is required for energy production and…

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3 signs you’re starving your feminine side

From the time we are born, all of us, male and female, are directed toward linear, left-brain activities that will help us succeed in the world. Public education emphasizes math and science. Children’s leisure time is structured to accommodate organized activities and competitive sports. Much of our adult lives is…

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Finding Drishti In Your Practice

Picture this: It’s 5:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. You’ve had a hectic day at work and left with things unfinished. You’re feeling a little hangry from skipping lunch. There’s nothing but a pile of dirty laundry waiting for you at home. Traffic is a bear, the sun is in your…

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