Float tanks: The remedy to Magnesium deficiency

We have all been told for years about the wonderful benefits of Epsom Salt. Like it helps with relieving joint pain but most people never really went more in depth than that. A vast majority of humans today are very deficient of Magnesium which is required for energy production and…

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Yoga in the 5 Points Area

Transcend conveniently located in the 5 points area of San Antonio,TX is one of the only float spas around that offers yoga sessions. Yoga is not just about working out, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. The practice of yoga allows students to find stillness in a world consumed with chaos. Peace…

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Cleanest infrared sauna facilities in San Antonio

Transcend will soon be offering one of the cleanest infrared sauna facilities in San Antonio. As you may know sweating a great way to release impurities out of the body. Whether you just have the time that day to workout or that you are injured and unable to engage in…

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Transcend SA

float tank

FLOAT therapy

First Time 60 Min Float – $35
Standard 60 Min Float – $45
4 Floats – $140

8 Floats- $240




5 Class Pack – $50

10 Class Pack – $80

Unlimited Monthly – $108

( $20 Floats & Two Free Infrared Sauna Sessions)




60 Min – $70

90 Min – $85



Infrared Sauna

15 Min – $15

30 Min – $20

5 pack (30min) – $85

10 pack (30min) – $150



Reserve Transcend for your next event

Whether you are looking for private group yoga lessons, a full spa retreat, or a space for your next mixer, Transcend is the place for you.

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Our Love Yourself Retreat was a complete success! The space was filled with organic laughter and happiness….we’ll drink to that! We can’t WAIT to generate more events incorporating self-love and holistic healing! #transcendsa #floattank #loveyourself #retreat #wine #vino #happiness #bliss #satx #yoga #yoginis #yogaeverydamnday #empire #breathe #om #peace

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onnit supplements

Transcend offers a line of some of the cleanest and most effective supplements on the market. Featuring Onnit supplements made in Austin,TX. We take monthly special orders so let us know what supplements work best for you.



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